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The Southern Galvanizing Company
1620 Bush Street
Baltimore, Maryland 21230
tel: 410-837-3838
fax: 410-837-3734
e-mail: hotdip@sogalv.com

Michael K. Hettleman
Chairman and Chief Executive Officer
phone: 410.837.3848

Jim Hettleman
President and Chief Operating Officer
phone: 410.837.3852

Keith Ewing
Executive Vice President
phone: 410.837.3843

Bill Hesen
Director of Operations
phone: 410.837.3844

Lauren Watts
Scheduler, Shipping & Receiving Manager
phone: 410.837.3839

Dominic Ottone
Sales Manager
phone: 410.837.3842

Mike Mullen
Office Manager
phone: 410.837.3841

Trisha Thomas
Administrative Coordinator
phone: 410.837.3840