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At Southern, we guarantee our customers a consistent and high quality product through the exclusive use of a Universal Racking System in a modern and regularly upgraded facility.

Quality-Based Material Handling System
When your job arrives at Southern, it is inspected by supervisory personnel for "galvanizability" to ensure high quality galvanizing. If we identify any concerns or obstacles that may prevent the highest quality galvanizing possible, we will bring them to your attention and work with you so that your product can be galvanized satisfactorily.

For galvanizing, each piece of your order is individually loaded on our Universal Racking System. Since no piece touches another on the rack, each piece is fully pickled and receives total coverage during galvanizing. Southern's use of this unique system eliminates coating failures, rough and dangerous finishes, and unsightly marks and abrasions caused by the bulk processing practices in other handling systems.

Once your materials have been galvanized, each piece is individually unloaded, cleaned, inspected, and hand-packed — our final quality assurance.

Thorough Cleaning and Pickling
Our cleaning and pickling process has been carefully designed to clean your steel to the ultimate degree of commercial cleanliness - approximating SSPC SP-10 ("Near White Metal"). Our eight 15,500-gallon pickling tanks are carefully monitored to ensure that proper temperature and concentrations are maintained at all times, assuring that the material is properly prepared for galvanizing. Quality assurance is built-in, as proper and thorough surface preparation is the single most important precondition to high quality galvanizing (or any other coating system).

Large Single-Dip Capacity and Advanced Zinc Bath Composition
Southern has one of the largest cross-section kettles in North America, with dimensions of 6'6" (width) x 8' (depth) x 35' (length), enabling us to galvanize most materials in a single dip. Larger materials may also be suitable for galvanizing - our staff is always available to work with you early in fabrication to plan for galvanizing. During galvanizing, the dipping method and processing time of every product is carefully monitored and individualized as necessary.

Southern's special low-temperature galvanizing process and state-of-the-art bath compositions control or limit reactive steels, brittle coatings, and stress-relief distortion. Our zinc bath contains nickel and other additives to ensure an attractive, high quality coating that meets any specification in the marketplace.

Heat Transfer Products Specialty
Southern is the industry leader in galvanizing pipe, tube, and finned tube bundles (“coils”) on their external surfaces only. For more than 50 years, we have developed, maintained, perfected, and updated our process to ensure coil galvanizing of the highest quality. Our specialized equipment, which ensures absolute control during both immersion in and withdrawal from the zinc bath produces a superior immediate appearance and a finish that provides long-term service and protection.

Environmentally Sound Facility
We are committed to operating an environmentally sound and safe facility. Our galvanizing kettle is fully enclosed and the air above the kettle is filtered through a modern scrubber system. Our facility also uses a fuel-efficient natural gas furnace that keeps nearly 800,000 pounds of 99% pure zinc continually in a molten state and at a uniform temperature.